Parks & Rec May 3, 2023

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May 3 2023 Parks/Rec meeting


Present- Jim Gurr, Steve Dell, Barry Snyder, Amy Paul, Bonnie Robbins

Absent:  Brian Apley, Jan Loveland

Public- Butch Peeples


  1. call to order @ 7:02pm
  1. Approval of April minutes as submitted.  Mo: Gurr, Support:  Paul, Carried
  1. Helena Township board meeting- The board approved the stair project at Lone Tree Point.  An escrow account will be established by the Treasurer to receive donations for the cost of improvements.  Projects will be fully funded prior to commencement of work.
  1. public comment – none
  2. No update on CIP –
  1. Spark Grants discussion.  Jennifer Graham will attend the June meeting to review any suggestions on grant changes for the next round of funding review.  Robbins shared the difference in scoring appears to have fallen in final section of scoring.  Members will meet for a work session prior to the June meeting to review the submitted grants and the scoring criteria.  Robbins will make copies for each member for review.  There may be additional grant writing costs if there are extensive changes to the grant(s).
  2. Lone Tree Point – Peeples shared photos of installed steps.  Soil Erosion has inspected the work and approved.  There is no need for an EGLE permit because the work does not encroach on the lake side of the high-water mark.  Next step is bid and fundraising for handrail.
  3. Pavilion at Tennis Court Pavilion- no updates
  4. Depot Park Upgrades – Fence repaired.  Volleyball court was cut back to a single court.  Peeples, Dell, Snyder, and Apley did the work on the courts.
  5. 5 year plan 2024-2029 – Dell distributed copies of the guidelines.  Members will review for next meeting.  Robbins will separate the parks use and comments on the master plan survey conducted last fall.



Adjourned 8.08 pm

Respectfully Submitted

Bonnie Robbins