Parks & Rec Minutes July 7, 2021

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Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes for 07/07/2021                                                    Approved 08/04-2021 In attendance: Steve Dell, Jim Gurr, Bonnie Robbins, Ruth Smith, & Barry Snyder Absent: Jan Loveland Bonnie Robbins chaired the meeting. Thank you, Bonnie. Non-members in attendance: Butch Peeples 1. Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm

  1. The meeting minutes from 6/02/2021 were approved with one spelling correction & will be published on the HT website.
  2. The recommendation that toddler playground equipment be purchased for Tennis Court Park was presented to the board and the board did approve the presented plan at a cost up to $12,000.00. 4. Public Input: Butch Peeples, gave input concerning the dock repairs at Safe Harbor and talked of other repairs & maintenance items needing to be addressed. OLD BUSINESS:
  3. Soil Erosion at the Ball Park. The soil erosion control project was discussed. Butch Peeples will work on putting together specifics of what is needed for the erosion control. This will be reviewed with Barry, Bonnie & possibly Heidi Shaffer. When details are decided the plan will be sent to various contractors asking for bids on the project| It was decided that we will try to work on tearing the snack shack down, improving the ball diamond infield including removing weeds and adding diamond dust. We will also start numbering, sanding, & refinishing the tables and benches on site. There was talk of widening the driveway entrance but no final decision as to when this might happen. The split rail fence is also in need of repair.
  4. Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Steve believes the software program will be ready by early August. Steve still plans to work on numbering items such as picnic tables and benches. 
  5. 7. Recognition of volunteers who worked on Coy Mtn. Trail redo. – will be on Aug. agenda. 8. Celebration of the completion of the Coy Mountain Preserve trail redo. – will be on Aug. agenda.


  1. Helena Township Volunteer Group. The committee is in favor of trying to recruit a group of volunteers who are willing to help with general repair and maintenance in Helena Twn. Parks and properties. We will ask the board to approve this plan and if approved will begin building the Helena Corp group.

Be sure Steve has this on the future agenda list: 9. Tri-fold brochures to talk about our parks and community events. (Bonnie, Jan) This item has been moved to the future agenda items for review in September.


The next P&R monthly meeting is scheduled for: Wednesday, August 4th, 2021 at 7pm in the Community Bldg.

Respectfully submitted by Ruth Smith 07/12/2021