Parks & Rec Minutes Oct 5, 2022

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Parks & Rec Oct 5, 2022
present- Bonnie, Barry, Amy, Steve, Jim, Jan, Brian
1. meeting started at 7:06
2. minutes from meeting from September 7, 2022
amended – Barry pointed out he made a motion that was ignored to table Lone Tree Point concerns for future discussion. Agreed to add amendment to Sept minutes to reflect this.
3. Helena township meeting discussed Lone Tree Point from P/R meeting- lightly discussed due to low board attendance
Shared tennis resurfacing
Discussed pavilion at tennis courts
4. public comment – none
5. Ballpark soil erosion plan no update from Barry
6. CIP plan- awaiting data
7. court resurfacing – received 2nd bid for $67k, awaiting 3rd bid before discussion.
Barry asked about fundraising- Steve shared that the local net sports group does run fundraisers for these efforts.
8. Lone Tree Point:
motion from Barry – table until spring, look into erosion/barrier/stair plan – 2nd by Jim
discussion – Steve proposes building split rail fence, discussion on placement location question from Amy – rocks vs. fence
10. expansion of pavilion at Tennis Court Park- Steve spoke to Butch, come up with plan, cost estimate, recommendation to board. The committee will meet at TCP and come up with plan.
11. Review of website – tabled until November