Planning Commission Minutes August 4, 2022

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Minutes of Helena Township Planning Commission

August 4, 2022

Meeting called to order by Moglovkin at 6.05pm

Opened with Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:

                Present: Sue Moglovkin                     Gordy Schafer

                               Gary Lockwood                    Bonnie Robbins

                                Joe Bassil                             Mike Robinson                    

                                Jim Gurr


Township officials present:   Bob Logee

Approval of Agenda:    Motion by Lockwood, supported by Schafer.     Approved 

Statement of Conflict of Interest:  None 

Public Comment:               4 present.  Resident commented on website and means of keeping public informed and involved. 

Closed for Public Hearing 6:12 PM

Discussion focus point is changes to 5.01.01.A

                       Bill Frey, 6930 Frey Lane, commented on their parcel and the problems with not being able to use it for placing a storage building because of the topography.  Parcels are platted and cannot be combined.

                       Peggy Dole, 7054 Lone Tree Point, discussed having other zoning districts.  Forest Recreational could help preserve large parcels from development.  She feels it is unreasonable that twenty homes could be built on their property but not a small house.  The large parcel and lake frontage has been protected by their family but taxes and costs are starting to make that unlikely and future generations may be forced to divide and sell off parcels.

                        Gurr discussed rulings by the state that would be troublesome if the word recreational is used to define a zoning district.

                         Bill Frey questioned the need for change and why storage buildings are allowed on Agricultural zoned parcels without a residence.

                          Connie Frey stated she can’t imagine selling but doesn’t see how they could tie the properties together.

                          Peggy Dole questioned if large parcel owners could be treated differently in a zoned district.

                Discussion among PC members:

Robbins asked if the process could be handled with special use permit that would be conditional and require parcel be brought to conforming lot at time of future sale.

Bassil, can we create zoning language that could result in non-conforming lots in the future?

Gurr stated there is no law that regulates that zoning question.

Bassil asked how many parcels this language affects.  Consensus that very few parcels will be affected by the change and unanimous agreement to leave current language unchanged.

                                Motion by Robbins.  Support by Schafer.  Carried (7 yes, 0 no)

No changes to the proposed language for 5.01.01.C.2.b; 4.03.02.F; definition of Structure; 2.03.A; 4.02.01 Schedule of Regulations; 4.06.01; 4.06.02.A; definition of Accessory Building or Structure; 5.01.02—Storage Containers.

Change to Mobile Food Vendor proposed language

                                5.04.04—add # 7 as follows:  Outside seating is allowed on permitted parcel only.  

                                Motion by Robbins.  Support by Schafer.  Carried (7 yes, 0 no)

                No other changes to Mobile Food Vendor Language.

Motion by Gurr to send these changes to the township Board of Trustees for approval.  Support by Lockwood.  Carried (7 Yes, 0 No)  Robbins will present to the board at the August 11, 2022 meeting.

Public Hearing closed at 7:08 PM

Regular meeting opened at 7:09 PM

Approval of Minutes:   Minutes for July 7,, 2022.  Motion by Schafer, supported by Robbins.  Approved as submitted.


New Business:                   July 2022:             LU 7, FC 5, AC 0, PC 5, ZV 0

Old Business:                     Remaining points of discussion tabled until state rulings are completed.

Public Comment:               None. 

Adjourn: 7:24  PM          

Respectfully Submitted,

Bonnie Robbins

Helena Township Planning Commission Recording Secretary