Planning Commission Minutes September 7, 2023

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Minutes of Helena Township Planning Commission
September 7, 2023
Meeting called to order by Moglovkin at 5.04 P.M.
Opened with Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call:
Present: Sue Moglovkin, Gary Lockwood, Jim Gurr, Bonnie Robbins, Mike Robinson (5:27)
Absent: Joe Bassil, Gordy Schafer
Township officials present: Bob Logee, Butch Peeples
Approval of Agenda: Motion by Gurr, 2nd by Lockwood Carried
Statement of Conflict of Interest: None
Public Comment: 1 in attendance. Resident discussed short-term rental concerns. Offered research he has
collected from surrounding area and would like the township to review and discuss possible
changes to address residents who are faced with the increasing business. Discussion among
members and resident about topic. Information will be sent to the township email and Robbins
will share this with the commission members for review.
Communications: Gurr shared information from the Antrim County Planning Commission concerning the state
legislature looking at re-opening discussions on the planning and enabling act and possible
impact of that on local planning and zoning.
Approval of Minutes: August 3, 2023. As submitted. Motion: Lockwood, 2
nd Gurr. Carried
New Business: Zoning Administrator Report – LU (Land Use Permit) FC (Field Check)
AC (Attorney Contact) PC (Public Contact) ZV (Zoning Violation)
Aug 2023: LU 11, FC 4, AC 0, PC 7, ZV 0
Old Business:
Resolution to adopt ordinance language changes. Motion by Gurr, supported by Lockwood. Roll
call vote carried (5 yes, 0 no). Robbins will present to Board of Trustees at the meeting
September 14, 2023.
Members will review the current Master Plan and be prepared to discuss updates based on the
survey responses.
Public Comment: None
Adjourn: 6:01 PM Motion: Gurr, 2nd Lockwood. Carried
Respectfully Submitted,
Bonnie Robbins
Helena Township Planning Commission Recording Secretary