Township Board Minutes – April 28th, 2010 (Special Meeting)

HELENA TOWNSHIP BOARD – Special Meeting – 04/28/2011


A special meeting of the Helena Township Board was called to order at 9:16 AM on 04/28/2011.  Present were Wagner, Teague, and Peterson.  Absent were Rice and Gurr.

Wagner presented the board with the concept of purchasing property owned by Karen Vance (property number 05-08-160-005-00) on Franklin Street.  Discussion followed.


Board members present agreed that it is not a viable option to purchase this property.


Public Comment: Bob Logee, Helena Township Assessor, presented board with a procedure for the public inspection and copying of public records in lieu of customary business hours.  MCL 211.10 a requirement: Does the local unit  provide customary business hours for the inspection and copying of public records?  This procedure to be presented at the next board meeting May 12th.


Meeting adjourned at 9:35 AM.


Helena Township Clerk

David Peterson

David Peterson