Township Board Minutes – April 14, 2011

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Helena Township Board Meeting

April 14, 2011


The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by Penny Wagner and pledge of allegiance was said.  Present: Wagner, Rice, Peterson, Gurr, and Teague.  Motion to approve agenda by Rice with support by Gurr, motion carried.  Five people in audience.

Conflict of Interest:  None

Public Comment: None

Approval of minutes: Teague made motion with support from Rice to approve the minutes.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Library beginning balance as of March 1, 2011           $98,034.40

Receipts             $2,050.69

Disbursements           $9,342.39

Bank balance as of 03/31/2011      $90,742.70

Two CD’s; $48,258.93 and $15,691.04


As of March 31, 2011       Total Assets $154,692.67


                                   Township beginning balance as March 1, 2011          $444,520.54

Receipts                           $9,681.38

General Fund Disbursements         $35,906.12

Cemetery                          $344.32

Building                            $7,127.41

Ambulance millage                   $45,065.32

Annual road payment ASB            $66,379.51

Total Disbursements                    $154,822.68                                                            

                       TOTAL BANK BALANCE as of March 31, 2011                 $299,379.24

Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Wagner, support Gurr, motion carried.

Presentation of bills: Township: March 1-31, 2011: $108,816.91 and April 1-14, 2011: $4,290.36; includes $45,065.32 payment to Township Ambulance Authority and $66,379.51 last payment on road work loan.

Speakers: Mike Crawford representing the Hall family informed the board of the impending dredging that will occur with the pond on the north side of the Elder Road end public access.  Michigan DNRE permit will allow the removal of 167 cubic yards from the pond to increase the depth of the pond from three feet to eight feet.  A request was made to remove a willow tree and replace the existing wire fence.  A soil erosion permit is still required prior to the start of the dredging.  A request to place the dredge spoils on the public access to dewater back into the pond, prior to its placement in uplands as indicated in the DNRE permit, was proposed by the Hall family representative.  Discussion followed

     Rice made the motion to allow the Hall family to remove the willow tree at their expense with support by Wagner and motion passed.

Peterson made the motion  that the dredged spoils would not be placed within the Township’s Elder Road end public access’s jurisdiction with support from Wagner and motion passed.  Board agreed to send a letter to the Hall family informing them of the board’s decisions including the lifetime maintenance of the fence.  The fence is to comply with Helena Township Zoning Ordinance.

Dean Branson representing Three Lakes Association (TLA) informed board of an outbreak of Eurasian milfoil in Torch Lake between Stoney Point and Lone Tree Point.  TLA intends to contract with Aqua Cleaner to hand dig the Eurasian milfoil using divers and utilizing suction to remove the Eurasian milfoil from approximately 29 riparian bottomlands in Torch Lake.

TLA is seeking written permission from the 29 riparian bottomlands property owners.  The cost for this project is estimated to be $6500.00 and TLA is asking the Helena Township board for $2000.00.  Discussion followed.  Comments were made by Rebecca Norris and Paul Saks in the audience.  Motion by Gurr for a one time collaborative amount of $2000.00, as Helena Township is a riparian bottomlands property owner on Torch lake, for the 2011 season, to be used for removing the outbreak of Eurasian milfoil and to be issued after the necessary permits and signatures are obtained.  Support by Peterson and motion passed.

Communications:  Sheriff’s report was reviewed by Helena Township board.

Committee reports: Zoning administrator.  Molby presented board with final written review        of the car wash including photos taken during the construction of the car wash.

Planning Commission: Gurr reported that a special meeting will be held April 20th by the planning commission to finalize the proposed changes to the zoning ordinance.  The need to have

a public hearing for the wind turbine ordinance was brought to the attention of the board.

Ambulance authority:  Rick Teague reported that the renovations at the old fire barn in Mancelona continue and completion is anticipated to be mid May with open house at the end of     May or beginning of June.

Old business:  Peterson presented board with bid/proposals for an ADA compliant vestibule for the North entrance to the community center.  Discussion followed with a motion by Wagner with support by Teague to accept the bid not to exceed $9267.00 from Northern Michigan Glass in Traverse City.  Peterson reviewed bid/proposal from Great Lakes Striping & Sealing, Inc. with the board with a motion from Gurr and support by Teague to complete the seal coating and striping of the parking spaces for the community center parking lot for $2128.00.  Motion carried.   Township tractor with mower deck needs to be replaced due to age (10 years old) and over 2200 hours on the motor.  Motion by Wagner with support from Teague to replace the tractor with mower deck not to exceed $9,214.89 bid/proposal.  Rice to check on other bids.  Motion passed.

New Business: Reviewed risk assessment recommendations from the Michigan Township Participating Plan.  Teague recommended to the board that we explore getting a bid for insurance coverage from the Michigan Municipal League.

Announcements: None

Additional Public Comment:  Mike Crawford thanked township board for utilizing the recycle bins and thanked township board for making the gym available for basketball.

Motion to pay bills by Wagner, support Teague, and motion passed.


Meeting adjourned at 8:47 PM.


Respectfully submitted, Helena Township Clerk


David G. Peterson Jr.


David G. Peterson Jr.