Township Board Minutes – January 12, 2012

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Helena Township Board Meeting

January 12, 2012


The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by Penny Wagner and pledge of allegiance was said.   Present: Wagner, Peterson, Gurr, Teague and Rice. Motion to approve agenda by Teague and support by Gurr, motion carried.

Conflict of Interest: None

Public Comment: None

Approval of minutes: Gurr made motion to approve the minutes with support by Teague and motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Library beginning balance as of December 1st, 2011       $39,710.63

Receipts               $32,510.27

Disbursements                $8,381.26

Bank balance as of 11/30/2011              $63,839.64

Two CD’s; $48,258.93 and $15,718.44

As of 12/31/2011, 2011 Total Assets   $127,817.01


                                  Township beginning balance as December 1st, 2011     $199,621.71

Receipts            $130,876.28

General Fund Disbursements             $19,482.73

Cemetery & Bldg.           $6,249.21

Total Disbursements                      $25,731.94                                                         

                           TOTAL BANK BALANCE as of December 31st, 2011     $304,766.05

Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Wagner, support by Gurr; motion carried.

Presentation of bills: Township: December 1-31, 2011: $15,551.14 and January 1-2, 2012: $6.013.15.

Speakers: Paul Sak presented board with riparian bottom owner/property owner permission slip for board’s approval. Three fish shelters will be installed in 2012 in Torch Lake off the Alden Safe Harbor, off Depot Park and off the baseball diamond park. Rice made the motion to accept the permission slip with support by Teague and motion passed. Wagner signed permission slip and returned to Paul Sak.

Communications: Sheriff’s report for December and summary for 2011 presented by Sheriff Dan bean.

Committee reports: Zoning administrator. Molby gave report

Planning Commission: Gurr reported that the public hearing for review of the zoning ordinance was held Jan. 4th, 2012.   Zoning ordinance with changes sent to county for review. County storm water ordinance was not part of new zoning ordinance changes.

Ambulance authority: Teague reported that the old ambulance being replaced will go to the South Torch Lake Fire Department.

Parks & Recreation: Peterson reported that the Parks and Recreation Committee were reviewing the survey results.

Old business: Rice submitted summer school tax contract for board’s approval. Wagner made motion to accept the summer school tax contract with support by Gurr and motion passed.

     Rice presented board with estimate from Stone Mountain to replace tiles in both bathrooms in community center for $1165.00. Wagner made motion to accept estimate with support by Teague and motion carried.

Peterson presented board with estimate of $2500.00 from Tri-County to remove stumps and move burnable brush to field behind community center. Peterson made motion to accept estimate from Tri-County with support by Gurr and motion carried.

New Business: Road projects to be done during 2012 by Township were discussed. Wagner made motion with support by Peterson to repair South Cemetery road (Township share of $26,235.00) and North Lake Street (Township share of $54,553.00) motion carried. Peterson and Molby to measure width of existing pavement on North Lake Street in order to confirm proposed width of 18 feet of new pavement, before request is submitted to Road Commission for work.

   Cemetery Road: Beginning at Helena thence south to crest of first hill, approximately 700 feet. Work would include: remove several trees, place one driveway culvert (provided it is determined to be a legal driveway), ditching as needed, place and compact six inches of 23A Afton Stone at 30 feet wide. This estimate includes placing edge drain in about 500 feet of both sides of road, and was included on the original paving estimate. Total estimated cost is $29,150.00. Township share of this cost is $26,235.00.

     North Lake Street: Beginning 470 feet north of Alden Hwy thence north and east to Alden Hwy., approximately 2,670 feet. Work would include: pulverize existing pavement, inject mineral brine, shape grade, pave two inches of hot mix asphalt 18 feet wide and shoulder restoration with topsoil, seed and mulch. Total estimated cost is $60,615.00. Township share of this cost is $54,533.00.

Announcements: None

Additional Public Comment: None

Motion to pay bills by Wagner, support by Rice, and motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Helena Township Clerk

David G. Peterson Jr.

David G. Peterson Jr.