Township Board Minutes – November 10, 2011

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Helena Township Board Meeting

November 10, 2011


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Penny Wagner and pledge of allegiance was said.   Present: Wagner, Peterson, Gurr, Teague and Rice. Motion to approve agenda by Teague and support by Gurr, motion carried.

Conflict of Interest: None

Public Comment: Kathy Masck spoke in support of the establishment of a district library. Jack Findlay spoke in support of the establishment of a district library.

Approval of minutes: Wagner made motion to approve the minutes with support by Teague and motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Library beginning balance as of October 1st, 2011           $58,209.32

Receipts                   $2,231.42

Disbursements               $10,160.29

Bank balance as of 06/30/2011               $50,280.45

Two CD’s; $48,258.93 and $15,718.44

As of 10/31/2011, 2011 Total Assets $114,257.82


                                  Township beginning balance as October 1st, 2011           $185,660.98

Receipts               $14,458.79

General Fund Disbursements            $16,458.81

Cemetery & Bldg.             $5,408.28

Total Disbursements                         $21,867.09                                                         

                           TOTAL BANK BALANCE as of October 31st, 2011           $178,252.68

Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Wagner, support by Gurr; motion carried.

Presentation of bills: Township: October 1-31, 2011: $11,064.77 and November 1-10, 2011: $3,111.65.

Speakers: B.J. Pratt and Jeff McCray from Burnham and Flower reviewed and recommended changes to the Helena Township insurance policy including increases in liability insurance.

Communications: Sheriff’s report reviewed. Received letter form Dorothy Clore in support of establishing a district library.

Committee reports: Zoning administrator. Molby gave report

Planning Commission: Gurr reported that the final list of changes to the zoning ordinance would be approved at the December planning commission meeting. An additional public hearing will be scheduled before the township would receive the changes for final approval.

Ambulance authority: Rick Teague announced that the ambulance authority millage passed.

Parks & Recreation: A public forum was being held in the community center from 5:30 PM until 7:00 PM.

Old business: The establishment of a district library was discussed and the most recent draft of the agreement was reviewed. A resolution to establish the Alden district library with Helena Township and the Mancelona School District and approve the agreement was offered by Peterson and seconded by Wagner. A roll call vote followed with Rice: aye, Peterson: aye, Teague: aye, Gurr: no, and Wagner: aye. The resolution was declared adopted.

New Business: The discussion on the prioritizing of road projects to be placed on the agenda for the December board meeting. Board directed Alpers to assist in placing holiday lights on Depot. A motion was made by Rice with support by Gurr to accept the bid for snow plowing from Barber. Discussion followed on the repair and continued use of the basketball backboards. The consensus of the board was that there would be continued use and that the south end would be repaired. A motion was made by Wagner with support by Rice to accept the bid of $896.00 to retrofit the old snow blower on to the new lawn tractor and motion carried. Teague made the motion to accept the bid of $780.00 to purchase a new booster (recirculation) pump for the boilers with support by Wagner and motion passed.   Discussion followed concerning the proposed cleaning bids of the voter room carpeting. Rice to obtain bids for replacement of carpeting.

Announcements: There will be a closed meeting of the Helena Township Board with township lawyer at 10:00 AM November 16th.

Additional Public Comment:

Motion to pay bills by Wagner, support by Gurr, and motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Helena Township Clerk

David G. Peterson Jr.

David G. Peterson Jr.