Parks & Rec Minutes January 4, 2023

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Parks and Rec meeting – Jan 4, 2023

Present- Jim, Amy, Steve, Brian

Public- Butch P.

  1. Call to order @ 7:01pm
  2. Approval of December minutes- Bonnie has the minutes, we will review/approve at a later meeting
  1. Helena Township board meeting-
  • Approved both grant proposals

Township submitted grants

-Spark Grant for tennis courts and ballfield by 12/19 deadline

  1. public comment – none
  2. No update on CIP
  1. Spark update

Should hear week of Jan 30 if applications are approved

If not approved, will hear by summer 2023.


Thanks to Bonnie, Butch, Barry, and Amy for getting application in.


  1. LTP site plan and final recommendations –
  • -open items to finish plan – recommended we form sub-committee once an defined plan is ready to review
  • subcommittee for special projects- Bonnie, Barry, Amy
  1. Pavilion at TCP  Рsteve proposed a sub-committee , rolling into special project sub-committee
  1. Website review – No update
  2. Depot park upgrades-
  • Jan is absent, south fence is built
  • need human access to place water intake for fire truck – butch working with Paul to determine access


Adjourned 7:54pm