Planning Commission August 3, 2023

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Minutes of Helena Township Planning Commission
August 3, 2023
Meeting called to order by Moglovkin at 5.00 P.M.
Opened with Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call:
Present:         Sue Moglovkin    Gordy Schafer   Jim Gurr    Gary Lockwood    Bonnie Robbins                                  Mike Robinson (5:25)
Absent:           Joe Bassil
Township officials present: Bob Logee, Butch Peeples
Approval of Agenda: Motion by Lockwood, 2nd by Schafer Carried
Statement of Conflict of Interest: None
Public Comment: 1 in attendance.
Communications: None. Robbins announced the Board of Trustees adopted the proposed                                          language change and it is effective as of July 27, 2023.
Approval of Minutes: July 6, 2023. As submitted. Motion: Gurr, 2nd Lockwood. Carried
Meeting closed for public hearing on zoning ordinance language change: 5:06 PM
No public comment.
Member discussion on shoreline language changes:
Change definition of Shoreline Greenbelt Protection Buffer to read as follows:
Shoreline Protective Buffer—A strip extending along the shoreline with features that
prevent erosion.
Section 5:02:01.D.2 – replace the word greenbelt with—shoreline protective buffer
Change 2nd section to read as follows:
A site plan that prevents erosion and sediment from entering the lake and an approved
permit from the Antrim County Soil Erosion officer shall be presented to the Zoning
Administrator prior to commencement of work.
Bullet 2 shall read:
Dimensional and structural conditions are as follows:
a. No permanent roofs or canopies.
Section shall read:
a. Property owners with a residence in Helena Township may use that site for
recreational vehicles or trailers for camping purposes provided such trailer or
recreational vehicle is maintained in a sanitary, moveable, and legally registered
condition. Such vehicles cannot be used as a rental.
Public hearing closed at 5:32 PM and regular meeting reopened.
New Business: Zoning Administrator Report – LU (Land Use Permit) FC (Field Check)
AC (Attorney Contact) PC (Public Contact) ZV (Zoning Violation)
July 2023: LU 2, FC 3, AC 0, PC 13, ZV 0
Old Business:
Master Plan Survey update: Tabled. Members will review and come prepared to address at
September meeting.
Points of Interest for Ordinance review: Robbins read list of remaining topics. List will be
updated for September meeting. Schafer would still like to show members what is being done
along the shoreline so they can see what the neighbors are doing.
Robbins suggested re-opening public hearing to address RV use on vacant land using Logee’s suggested language.
Public hearing re-opened at 5:53 PM.
Add following:
b. Helena Township property owners with undeveloped land may use such
recreational vehicles, motor homes, tents or travel trailers on a temporary basis for a
period not to exceed 180 days in a twelve-month period (12- month period) provided
such trailer or recreational vehicle is maintained in a sanitary, moveable, and legally
registered condition. Such vehicles cannot be used as a rental. Motion by Gurr, 2nd
by Schafer. Carried.
Public hearing closed at 5:57 PM.
Public Comment: None
Members discussed wake boats on Clam Lake. Suggest Friends of Clam Lake address them
with the DNR to prevent damage to the lake bottom and shoreline.
Adjourn: 6:05 PM Motion: Gurr, 2nd Moglovkin. Carried
Respectfully Submitted,
Bonnie Robbins
Helena Township Planning Commission Recording Secretary